Hei. I use oxycontin because of cronic pancreatitis, and I heard about me-contin, what is it and what's the different to oxycontin?

See below. Do you mean ms-contin? Both MS-Contin & Oxycontin are time-release formulations. Ms-contin is morphine; Oxycontin is oxycodone. Caution is advised for MS-Contin in pancreatitis. Both can cause biliary spasm. Oxy is 1-2 times as potent as ms-contin. Both have high addictive potential. Both can cause nausea, constipation, respiratory depression, etc.
MSContin is morphine. Oxycontin is a time release formulation of oxycodone, msccontin is a time release formulation of morphine. Both are potent opiates which can be effective in some patients for chronic pain, they both can also activate the disease of addiction in patients who are susceptible to addictive disorders.