My husband swallowed a pill and he says it's stock in his throat, what can we do to get it to go down? Is it the same tube where food & water go down?

Same tube, drink! If he swallowed the pill and it got stuck part- way down, then it is probably in his esophagus (the tube from the mouth to the stomach). Pills and food can get stuck if your insides are dry, or if there is a "stricture" (narrowing) in the tube. Drink lots of water to try to get it to go down. If he gets a burning feeling or acidy taste backing up from the pill, baking soda in warm water can help.
Possibly, if it was… …large/oblong pill; however, it might have caught in the trachea (tube to the lungs) which usually triggers coughing spasms, or in the valleculae (grooves at base of tongue, in front of the epiglottis. See illustration). If he is choking, try heimlich maneuver. Otherwise, try swallowing water to dissolve/move pill into the esophagus or try gargling with water to dislodge the pill/dissolve it.