When to worry about a fever in a two year old who has had a fever since mon july 2 102.5 now 99.5 has a " mild throat virus why isn't gone yet?

Virus 14 days. Virus infections can last up to 14 days. Good things: temperature improving overall, able to deep fluids down, making wet diapers 4-6 times a day, breathing okay, seems alert. Not much to do other than give comfort, watch for warning signs, and lots of tlc. Good luck!
Not unusual. Summer viruses are sometimes rather severe. Most of these adenoviruses and coxsacie viruses cause fever, oral ulcerations and prostration and may last up to a week. If the child is consolable, taking fluids, urinating light urine, and has no major warning signs, then symptomatic treatment and observation is what is needed.