My 2month baby having cold and cough infection from 7 days and now she is passing little clot of blood with mucus and can see red spot all over fore head is this worried full but here no one giving her medicine could you give me guidance.?

Need more info. What you describe sounds like she is coughing so hard that she has what is called "peticheae" (tiny bleeds into skin) on her forehead. It needs to be evaluated by your doctor right away. Pertussis infection comes to mind, which would be concerning at her age. Seek medical attention and/or go to er. If she is breathing heavy, is not feeding well or "looks sick" you should go to er tonight.
Mgt/M.D. visit. I would advise a visit with your doctor and discussing a test for pertussis, RSV and respiratory viruses. Most uncomplicated colds will resolve within 10 days. It is also important to keep her well hydrated and to check her temperature. At this age, babies have not yet been fully immunized.