I have a cold and am breast feeding. What can I do?

Keep it & breast fee. Continue the breast feeding. You may wish to wash hands and face and breast and wear a mask but keep feeding. Fluids and rest is usually all that is needed to treat a cold. Some otc products are safe with breast feeding, check closely or ask your doctor.
Keep breastfeeding. The best protection your baby has from the cold you have is from the antibodies in your breastmilk, so keep feeding, especially directly from the breast or freshly pumped milk. Get plenty if rest. Sometimes your milk supply will go down slightly when you are sick, but it should go back up when you are better.

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I have a cold and currently breast feeding my 14 month old about 3 times a day. Can I take airborne?

Be careful. Although it has just vitamins and minerals they claim its a proprietary mix and will only give the main ingredients. They are also not regulated by the fda and don't need to undergo stringent tests, therefore there is probably no study to definitively say it's safe. I would ask the manufacturer directly to see what their stance is but usually they haven't thought that far ahead. Read more...