High+anax10yrs, other antibodies neg. Recurring flares: joint pain, lethargy, sicca, chest pain, rashes. All sun induced. Responds to 10mg prednis. Best dx?

Guessing. Too difficult to answer. Rheumatologic disease is often recognized by subtle characteristics of disease and progression over time. Can't be seen or well appreciated on line. Symptoms are often vague and overlap. Labs are helpful but not diagnostic. Best "test" is consistent follow up with rheumatologist and best diagnosis is what they give you.

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+ana that went from 1:80 to 1:160 within a month. Neg-other antibodies, on and off flares, joint pain, chest/face rashes, fatigue, cough, chest pain?

Positive ANA. Symptoms may be suggestive of fibromyalgia; especially, if you have insomnia, depression, headaches. Was skin biopsy was negative? However; 1:160 titer is less likely to be falsely positive; a patient with no objective clinical evidence of an autoimmune disorder, but with high ANA titer should be followed expectantly for the emergence of a possible connective tissue disease. Read more...