Suggestions to help pregnancy nasea and heart burn?  

Medications. There are a variety of prescription medications available for nausea like phenergan, (promethazine) zofran and reglan. Heartburn can be treated with over the counter meds like tums, roliads and maalox for occasional symptoms. For daily symptoms over the counter Omeprazole or ranitidine are effective when taken on an empty stomach.
Ginger! So many well designed trials indicate the ginger is an effective anti- nausea med- with no pharma side effects! take 250 mg tabs 4x per day or try a tea by steeping powdered or whole ginger in hot water. 25 mg of vitamin b6 combined with the 1/2 tab over the counter sleeping aid doxylamine (unisom) at bedtime is also effective and safe.
Eat differently. Don't lie down after eating, eat small frequent meals. Avoid spice.

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Can my being pregnant give me heart burn? I'm about 5weeks. Scan saw nothing. Blood test positive for pregnancy

Absolutely. Though more common in later pregnancy, heartburn is one of the issues pregnant women may deal with throughout their pregnancy. Ultrasound would not help evaluate heartburn in this situation. Changes in gastrointestinal function, including heartburn, are very common during pregnancy. Read more...

I have gastritis and esophogeal reflux. It cause sever heart burn. I need to know what are the safe drug I can use if I suspect pregnancy?

Pharmacist. If you are in the us you can easily ask your pharmacist. Many medications are labeled so your local pharmacist can check for you. They can be a good resource throughout your pregnancy. Read more...

Period on the feb.4th. Sore breasts, little nauseous, heart burn, and tiredness since the feb.19th. Negative pregnancy tests. Too soon to tell?

Back to school. Remember a female's body has no physical connection with the fetus for about fourteen days after conception. Thus symptoms before that are not pregnancy. If your next period does not start then it will be time for testing. Read more...