What does nabothian cysts mean on abdominal ultrasound?

No worries. Nabothian cysts are benign cysts associated with the cervix and are often incidentally noted. They are filled with cervical mucus. Unless large, they usually are incidentally noted and require no treatment.
Common finding. Nabothian cysts are typically seen on pelvic ultrasound and are a common and benign finding.
Normal finding. Nabothian cysts are small, benign, mucous filled cysts on the outside (the surface) of the cervix. They are nothing to worry about.

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My Nurse Practioner said I have large cyst my cervix, it's about 1/4 the size of my cervix. She ordered vaginal and abdominal ultrasound, why?

Ultrasounds . Ultrasounds tell you the gross anatomy of the structure that you are looking at. The nurse practitioner saw a cyst but could only see one surface. Not the full extent of the cyst. The U/S exams will give a fuller picture of the extent of the cyst and if surgery is planned a roadmap for the surgeon. Read more...

My abdominal ultrasound scan shows something like multiple cysts in an empty uterus. What caused these?

Ultrasound. Without the report it's difficult to be certain what they are describing. It's possible that you have cysts in your cervix which are common and benign (also known as Nabothian cysts). The other possibility is tiny cysts beside the endometrium which may be seen with adenomyosis (a form of endometriosis). Read more...