Would termination of pregnancy be advised to a four months pregnant woman with stage III cervical cancer?

Stg III a & b. Mean extension to upper 1/3 vagina for a, or to parametrial side wall. While this is curable, and the cure involves drugs and radiotheapy, terminating the pregnancy would allow life saving treatment now vs. Delay until foetal viability. Discuss medical facts with gyn-onc, probe the depth of what you want to do, speak with your partner and support network. Get the facts and do what your heart tells.
Depends. Stage iii cervical cancer means fairly advanced invading the pelvic wall , may obstructing ureters, has 40% 5 year survival means 60% chance will not live 5 years, has choice, may be only child to wait at least 4 months or terminate and under go treatments, chemo radiation, a medical ethics issue.