Why does my lower/middle back hurt when I drink alcohol?

Once sign of lymphom. Pain induced by alcohol is one sign of a lymphoma. Should be checked out. However if a behavior causes pain, is that behavior important enough to repeat?

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Why does my back hurt when I drink alcohol?

Hard to say. but the fact that you have kept drinking despite the fact that your back hurts when you drink tells me that I should be concerned that you may have an alcohol problem. It could be inflammation of your pancreas, stomach, duodenum or a problem with your gallbladder. I strongly suggest STOPPING drinking until you get a diagnosis, and see your doctor for a full evaluation. Read more...

Why do I get severe back pain only when I drink alcohol?

Wow. If your back pain is only when you drink alcohol , better cut iit out and give a chance to heal the hurt back at least for 6--8 weeks and if after that you want to drink , limit to one drink , week may be with too many drinks your body movements are too much and out of control. Read more...