When is it ok to let my baby sleep alone?

0 months. Babies are not born knowing how to sleep but learn based on their environmental habits after birth. As long as baby is in a safe sleeping environment (placed on back, hard mattress, approved crib/bassinet, no crib bumper, etc), baby can sleep alone. Mothers and babies who co-sleep sleep less deeply.
0 months. Its safe to let baby sleep in their own room from birth on, but you dont have to move baby out until you are comfortable. In general babies are ready to sleep alone and all night from about 4 months forward, so that is the time to focus on making a transition if baby is sleeping in your room.
0 months. Whenever you're ready. It's a personal decision about your own comfort level and whether you'd rather have your bedroom to yourself. Don't let anyone tell you there is a "right" time-- it's what works for you and your baby.
0 months. The american academy of breastfeeding medicine supports mothers who decide to co-sleep due to its facilitating breastfeeding. If you decide to sleep with baby, remember that there should be nothing that could cover baby's face and no one that could roll over and suffocate baby. Try to help baby learn to sleep on her/his own, or you will have a rough time when you decide to no longer co-sleep.
0 months. Healthy babies in america are recommended to sleep alone, faced up, in a safe bassinet or crib, from they time they are born. It is not possible nor advisable to constantly watch a baby while he is sleeping (parents need their rest!). A normal baby will happily sleep after a feeding and burping, and then wake up crying for the next meal when he is hungry again.
0 months. There is no specific age that babies can sleep alone. It really depends on you and your baby. It is safe from birth, but many parents choose to sleep near their babies until approximately 3 months of age.
0 months. This is completely dependent on your own comfort level. A lot of parents choose to keep their baby in their room with them for a period of weeks or months after birth. But there are also plenty of parents who bring their baby home from the hospital, and the baby spends the first night in his/her own room. Whatever you are comfortable with is what's important. There is no right answer here.
1/30 months. Your baby should never sleep in bed with you because of safety concerns. Your baby can really sleep alone on day 1, although it is recommended that they be in your room making it easier to breastfeed.With modn, inexpensive monitering devices, you can be careful and still sleep well. (or as well as possible).
6 months. Putting safety as the priority here, babies are safest sleeping in the same room with mom up until 6 months old. Whether that is in a crib or a bedside bassinet or co-sleeper is up to you. Once you decide you want to move your baby to his own room. Observe the same sleep safety practices: back to sleep, no loose blankets, pillows. Or stuffed animals. Cribs are best kept bare and without bumpers.
0-3 months. Really, whenever you are ready. Babies can sleep alone their first night if you want. However, many parents feel more comfortable having the baby in their room during the first couple of months, it certainly makes breastfeeding at 3am easier! if you want baby to eventually sleep in their own room, a good time to make the transition is around 3 months, after this it becomes much harder to change.
0 months. Healthy babies can sleep alone as soon as they are stable after birth. This question usually only comes up after the first baby, whom parents wake to check to see if they are breathing. Second and subsequent child seem to create less anxiety.
4 months. The real question is when are you willing to let your baby sleep alone? Most parents are so thrilled with a baby and it is such a wonderful experience that you do not want to be separated. The consensus seems to suggest that 3-6 months is a good time to move the child out of your room to his/her own because by 4 months most babies can sleep from 10 pm to 6 am without feeding, .
0 months. When you are ready. Again it depends a lot if the child is still waking up at night to feed and some on your convenience. I think as soon as they start sleeping through the night they could be transitioned to a separate room. I would recommend a baby monitor and using a room that is close to your own.
3-6 months. Baby should sleep on a firm surface, on his/her back, away from soft bedding, with the head of the bed slightly elevated. In the first three months, especially for nursing babies, it is best to be near mom, in the same room, not in the same bed! after that, it is up to your comfort level when or if you move the baby to his/her own room.