Where can I find a copy of my immunization records?

3 Sources. Your pediatrician, your parents or your grade school . Some one should have these records.
Be creative. At a listed age of 38, you are long past the date most pediatricians would destroy records. (In my state 7 yrs from last visit or age 21, whichever is later) A family doc might have yours if you transferred them in. Old report cards, school registration forms, baby books, etc. Some states have registries if you or your parents signed up to participate.
Doctor or school. Check with your doctor first. In today's medical world most old records are scanned in and kept for years (6-25 years after your last visit), depending on the state). If your doctor retired/died, check with the state medical association. They should know who has those records. If you've been in school recently then your school will have a copy. Not sure how long they keep them though.