What is mild antral gastritis?

Autoimmune disorder. Antral gastritis is an autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive system. Symptoms include nausea/gas or indigestion. It is more common in older adults, but anyone may be diagnosed with the condition. It is generally caused by a buildup of bacteria in the stomach, viral infection, an injury to the stomach, extreme stress. Treatment depends on the cause.
Mild v Severe. Antral gastritis, typically identified by way of looking in the stomach with a endoscope, can vary from mild to severe. The distinction is relative as both can be very serious conditions and treatment recommendations should be made by a qualified professional, usually a gastroenterologist.

Related Questions

What is mild cardia and mild antral gastritis?

Gastritis. Cardia and Antrum are part of your stomach. Mild inflammation of the mucosal surface. Usually temporary problem. Talk to doctor to see if any treatment necessary at this time.

I had my endoscopy last week. It shows "mild patchy non erosive antral gastritis". Is it completely curable?

Yes it should be. Gastritis is curable, commpletely curable provided you remove the cause. It is often caused by excessive use of pain medicines (NSAIDS) like Motrin or Naprosyn/Aleve. Antacids can prevent and treat this problem. Are you taking an antacid now????

Can gastritis healed if caused by NSAIDS and excessive coffee? Had endoscopy showed mild antral gastritis

Yes. Gastritis can be healed. Limit NSAID use for now. It looks like your are on the right meds, Carafate (sucralfate) and Pantoprazole will help.

What is mild inactive chronic gastritis? (marked antral inflammation) (-ve h pylori result)

Non-specific. It might be due to several condition. It is a sign of chronic inflammation which might happen in people who are heavy drinker, or using pain medications such as ibuprofen, Aspirin and etc. Talk to your pcp.

My antral biopsy showing mild chronic gastritis h pylori -+ what is funding?

Unclear question. Not exactly sure what you're asking. If H pylori is present, it should be treated. If you could rephrase your question we could answer it more completely. Good luck.

I have elevated wbc- around 16.73 k/ul $ my necrophil is 79%- can these be caused by mild antral gastritis I had endoscope sat w/ two biopsies taken.

Leukocytosis. Wbc counts can be elevated due to a wide variety of events, including emotional stress. Need the remainder of the differential count to make any comment. Inflammation including infection can do this, but would need to examine you and have more data. Go back to the doctor who did the endoscopy. Good luck.
EGD. You may have transient leukocytosis because of biopsy related procedural stress. However if you have fever, pain, nause, vomiting, no appetite, bleeding from rectum or oral then look for procedure complication. Please be in touch with your GI doctor. Thanks.

Smoking caused Acidity. Took Prilosec 10 months. Stopped the med. And again feel light ache. Endoscoped-mild antral gastritis. Should I continue the med.?

Sure, but... Unless you have a known allergy or sensitivity to prilosec, then this drug is a very appropriate choice for gerd and gastritis re-management. As proven effective and relatively safe as it may be (it has been commercially available in the usa since 1989), the drug is not meant for prn ("as needed") use--the drug reaches its optimal acid suppression after several days of daily use. No smoking pls!
Yes. Discuss with your GI doctor before deciding to stop the medication.