What is better for weight loss: a low fat diet or low carbohydrate diet?

Low carb. After decades of pushing low fat, we have not seen any decrease in obesity. In fact, obesity rates re going up. Weight loss programs based on low carbohydrates seem to have the most short term success. Fats, especially trans fats should be avoided due to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Why is a low carbohydrate diet healthier than a low fat diet?

See below. The common carbohydrates are the simple ones that make up so much of the american diet and sugar is actually dangerous for many (yudkin j. Sweet and dangerous, published in 1973) if you stick to "god made food" you don't have to worry about content.
It depends. I agree with dr lonsdale. For weight maintenance I suggest <100 grams/day fruits and veggies mostly and weight loss >40-50 grams/day.

Is a low carbohydrate diet more effective than a low fat diet?

Definitely. Countless good studies show that low carb diets are much more effective (and healthy) for weight loss than low fat diets. Fats are essential for health. Carbohydrated are not essential for health.
Absolutely. Every study that tested this has shown that low carb diets are healthier and reduce body fat better.

Can you please explain why a low carbohydrate diet is better than a low fat diet?

Balanced is best. Carbohydrates are simple and complex, simple carbs are generally bad because they are calories rich without fiber or micro-nutrients, they cause a sudden rise in blood sugar, weight gain, increased cholesterol levels mainly triglycerides and increase inflammation. This can lead overtime to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and stroke. Simple carbs are found in soft drinks, juices, table sugar +.

Can anybody please help me work out a low carbohydrate diet to help improve my health and help aid weight loss?

More than diet. Low carbohydrate diets are effective tools for weight loss but it needs to be combined with a lifestyle change if you want lasting results. Look for a comprehensive program that helps you create new, healthy habits combined with coaching and support.

Will going on a low-carbohydrate diet help me lose weight faster?

Not necessarily. You need to restrict caloric intake and exercise to burn more calories to lose weight. Low carbohydrate diet is marginally better, but you can gain weight on a low carbohydrate diet if you eat fats and proteins in an amount that more than makes up for the carbohydrate deficit.