What does it mean if my ECG report says incomplete rbbb?

Delayed impulse. It means there is a slight delay in the transmission of the signal telling the heart to contract on its right side. Usually both right and left ventricles contract together but with rbbb, there is a delay in the spread of the impulse through the right ventricle. This shows as a slight sawtooth appearance of the qrs waveform in the right sided ekg leads.
Usually benign. Incomplete right bundle branch block. Electrical signals for heart pass down wiring divided into r and l bundles. Rbbb = delay in the signal passing to right side of heart - "normal" in 1/200 patients. Incomplete is more common. Prevalence increases with age. Rbb associated with underlying heart disease signals worse outcome, but if isolated finding has no significance.

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Ecg report of mom: pr & qrs interval: 184 & 82 msec. P & qrs axis= 38 & -60 deg resp...Doctor says incomplete rbbb + lahb...Please suggest

ECG report. The pr and qrs intervals are normal. There is left axis deviation in the qrs complex, consistent with a lahb. There is more than 60 degrees of difference between the p and qrs axes, which is abnormal. Without examining the tracing, i cannot comment on the report of incomplete rbbb. Why was the ECG done and what symptoms or cardiac condition(s) does your mom have? Possibly ihd? Read more...