What could be the reasons for having a large lump in your throat?

Cancer is possible. If the mass is visible it needs to have biopsies done. Some people have a sensation of a lump in the throat. This is called globus sensation. Most common cause of this sensation is felt to be secondary to acid reflux. With or without heartburn. Look up lprd for more info. But if you have a visible mass it should be evaluated.

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Today my mouth started hurting for no reason. I ran my tongue on the floor of mouth and feel little lumps. When I swallow it feels like lump in throat?

See a doctor. there is a list of ten different things, that could be the reason for these symptoms, from strep throat, to a candida in the mouth, to STD, so go, and see a doctor for appropriate evaluation, and examination, and proper treatment. Read more...

Lump in throat feeling and throat-burping; worse when I am hungry or due to lack of sleep. Any reason?

I'm sure there is... ..a reason for your symptoms, but unfortunately, a 20-word post to doctors who know nothing about you will not get you a reason over the Internet. There is a disclaimer that applies to HealthTap activities, which is that the doctors on it don't diagnose or treat anybody. It sounds like something that an ORL or GI doc would see. Although with NHS I imagine you have to start with a GP. Read more...