What condition can cause leukoplakia is in your mouth and petechia on your tongue and lips?

Leukoplakia. Leukoplakia in an inflammatory cellular response related to the involved tissue being exposed to some caustic substance like smoke or chew. It may often return to normal if the harmful substance is stopped. It is a precancerous state.
Inflammation. Luekoplakia of the mouth is caused by chronic inflammation and isn't necessarily a serious condition but needs to be watched. It appears as a white spider web appearance usually on the cheeks and floor of mouth. Petechia are red pimple like spots that appear they are usually bruises.

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At a routine physical, when the doctor looks in your mouth, is it possible to actually see hairy leukoplakia if it's there?

Yes . Yes, but the doctor needs some experience in diagnosing it. Dentists, oral surgeons and head and neck surgeons are probably the ones with the most experience. Some infectious disease doctors that see HIV patients have good experience diagnosing this. Read more...
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