What causes vulvovaginitis?

Infectious condition. Vulvovaginitis means inflammation of vagina and vulva-typically caused by common infections like candida(yeast), gardnerella(bacterial vaginosis), trichomonas.Group b sreptococcus can cause vaginitis rarely vulvitis.Other common causes of vulvitis are contact dermatitis caused by allergy to synthetic wear, hoses, underwear etc.Then there are certain rare vuvar dystrophies caused by autoimmune disorder.

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How can you get or what are the causes pf vulvovaginitis? And what are the chances of getting it?

Vulvovaginitis is a . Common bacterial infection characterized by the simultaneous inflammation of the external parts of the female genital organs and the canal that leads from the uterus to the external opening it is one of the most common causes of genital symptoms in women when only the vagina is inflamed, the disorder is called vaginitis the symptoms and treatments of depend on the specific bacteria involvled. Read more...