What can I take to sooth my itchy throat?

OTC sprays, lozenges. Over-the-counter sprays such as chloroseptic and vics are safe and contain a topical numbing solution which will help relieve discomfort. Gargling with salt-water can also help, especially if it feels like there is a lot of mucus in your throat. Otc lozenges with menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint and/or honey may also provide relief. Feel better soon!

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What to take for a itchy throat?

Try antihistamine. But even more important, find out what may be triggering the itchy throat for example, do you have the itching only after having eaten certain fruits? If so, I suspect that you may have hay fever as well. If you have any problem with throat closing up on you, then you will need to consult an allergist.

Dry itchy throat, what should I take for that?

Lozenges. There are plenty of throat lozenges and cough drops that can help. Other people like salt water gargles or tea with honey. If it's caused by allergies, an antihistamine can be useful.

Itchy throat when lying down. What OTC med should I take?

Scratchy throat. If the claritin is chronic medication for you try switching to zyrtec or benadryl (diphenhydramine) just to see if there is a difference as long as you have no contraindications. This could also be reflux or reaction fron your asthma medication. If it doesnt prove see your primary physician.

What could I take for an itchy throat while breastfeeding?

Try it may be. Drink sip and sip of hot water see if works, or gargle with Benadryl (diphenhydramine), may be anxiety.
What's the cause? An equally important question is what is the cause for your itchy throat? If allergies, perhaps environmental prevention may prove useful--and not medication. If sinus infection, then an antibiotic may be required. As always, your pediatrician or ob-gyn is your best source to advise you for safe and effective treatment while breastfeeding. In the meantime, suck on a popsicle for temporary relief!

Itchy throat and back hurt when I take deep breath?

Allergies? Do you also have trouble breathing? How about nasal congestion? You can have an itchy throat from nasal allergies, but also from a throat infection and the back pain can be from reactive airways from a cold or asthma. Too many possibilities, you really should get checked by a doctor.

What is a good over-the-counter medication to take for an itchy throat? I have a minor cough, particularly when I am in bed. I drink lots of fluids.

Lots of Choices. There are lots of choices from lozenges to sprays. We do not provide any product endorsement here on health tap, but you have plenty of options at the grocery or drug store near you.
Try antihistamine. Try otc antihistamine. More importantly, find out what may be triggering the itching and the cough. If the cough has been present for weeks or months, you may even have asthma.

'm suffering from fever and dry and itchy throat.'m using these tablets 1in mrng and nit from 1day. But fever started this mrng again. Wht 2 take xtra?

Do you really expect. Do you really expect an answer? Reason for fever? "These tablets" is not the name of any known medicine.
Fever? If you have a recurrant fever see your physician. Or if you can give us more specifics we can answer further.