What are the symptoms of depression in a 13 year old?

Teenage depression. Symptoms can include difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions, fatigue, appetite changes, restlessness/irritability, feeling sad/hopeless/worthless/self hatred, losing interest in pleasurable activities, sleep disturbance, thinking or talking about suicide or death, acting out (defiant, curfews), isolative, poor school, irresponsible behaviors, substance abuse.
Angry,tired,withdrwn. Symptoms of depression include crying, lack of motivation, wanting to sleep all the time, insomnia, loss of desire to engage in activities that were once enjoyed, wt gain or loss. If you suspect depression in your child, have a conversation with him or her. Consider evaluation by a trained professional. Could be hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Seek the cause. Dont' just mask with drugs.