What are the survivor rates for stage 4 colon cancer?

Relatively low. If resectable, survival is about 25% at 5 years. Even if unresectable, I have many patients who are alive years after diagnosis with the use of chemo and avastin (bevacizumab).
Very low. Unfortunately survival rates for any solid tumor which is stage 4 are very poor. For colon cancer survival rates longer than 5 years occur only approximately 5% of the time. The median survival for stage 4 colon cancer is ~2 years. For some with limited liver disease the rates may be significantly greater (25%). Remember these are statistics and individuals may do better or worse.

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How many are rectal/colon cancer survivors over 5 years?

It depends. There are many survivors. The rate varies by stage. Early stage patients have an excellent 5 year outcome. Even stage iii patients have a survival of 70-75% with proper treatment.
Many. This depends on the stage of the cancer. Early colon cancers have a greater than 80% chance of long term survival, and the earliest ones even better long term survival.

My mom (age 60) stg 4 colon cancer survivor. Struggling a week with foggy head, disorientation, confusion, unsteadiness walking...Antibiotic for sinus?

Consult her oncologi. Her oncologist needs to know about this new development. Cancer can spread to brain and cause symptoms like the ones you have described. It can also be due to metabolic derangements which can occur due to her cancer. So an urgent visit and further evaluation is advised.

What does mean when your stool is almost black all the time I am a colon cancer survivor, but when they discover my cancer my stool was regular color but there was blood around it on the outside and I was feeling very week, now I feel fine but the stool

Unless. Unless you are taking a medication which is turning your stool black, this may be due to gastrointestinal bleeding. Black, sticky, foul smell feces may be due to bleeding. Please promptly advise your doctor of this change in your bowel movements. Take care.
Need to discuss. Need to discuss this further. You are 33, clearly have a genetic predisposition to colon cancer, have already had surgery and now with black stool. Black stool usually signifies blood from the upper abdominal tract - stomach, duodenum, small intestine. You should definitely not leave this alone and speak with a specialist regarding this further.

Is there any help for someone in stage 4 colon cancer?

Certainly. Stage 4 colon cancer is no death sentence. Depending on your situation, there may be options for surgery, ablation, and systemic treatments like chemotherapy. I suggest that you seek help at a nationally recognized cancer center (www. Cancer. Gov).
Yes. There are multiple options depending on the particulars of locations of the tumors, prior therapy, and your health status. Treatments may include surgical resection, chemo/targeted therapy, ablations, embolizations, radiation. Seek out a multidisciplinary team including experienced surgical, medical and radiation oncologists. Consider joining a clinical trial if available.
Yes. Substantial progress has been made in the treatment of stage IV colon cancer over the past 10 years. There are several chemotherapy drugs available and in patients with liver only or liver dominant disease, there are liver directed therapies available to try to control the liver component of the disease.

Is being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and being a diagnosed with stage 2 but having a recurrence later the same in terms if prognosis?

Prognosis is stage. It is stage-dependent. Once the Cancer has relapsed the prognosis is bad as the disease is typically fatal. As long as it remains stage-2, there is hope for a better prognosis as long as the disease is not visibly present. In one individual the prognosis and outcome is ultimately same although numerically speaking survival is longer as long as the Cancer has not shown up in the tests.