What are the possible side effects of using breast enlargment cream?

Unknown. There is no magic breast enlargement cream that can have a permanent effect. At best they will not harm you. Stay away from them.
Many but ? Value. The primary ingredient in these creams may vary and generally have not been evaluated by the fda so that the side effects are not well described. In all likelihood they will be ineffective but may cause typical drug reactions such as rash or sensitivity.
Wasting money. The only benefit (not to you) of these unregulated products is the movement of your money into the hands of the promoter.
Which drug? What type of cream are you talking about? Estrogen cream should never be used on the breast.

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What are the side effects of using breast enlargment cream?

From nil to many. The effects will vary from virtually no side effects or results to more extensive effects particularly if they are hormonal analogues, with similar effects to oral contraceptives or estrogen replacement with head aches, weight or fluid gain, tenderness, masses, increased clotting tendencies, etc. Read more...
Unkown. Do not trust these pills. There is no miracle cream and at best they will not harm you. Read more...