What are the differences between TURP and laser surgery?

TURP vs laser TUVP. Main differences occur with the surgeon's experience. Both procedures (mandated by insurers) must be scheduled/performed on an "outpt" basis, and may leave you with a foley catheter for ~ 1 week. Reports suggest longer post-operative discomfort following laser tuvp. Also, no tissue is typically obtained for review with a laser procedure, unless the surgeon is performing a laser "resection.".
Different Energy . Turp utilizes a curved, electrified wire to slice away pieces of the obstructing tissue. Laser surgery of the prostate, most commonly greenlight laser, utilizes a particular wavelength of high-intensity focused light to vaporize away the obstructing BPH tissue. Turp is much bloodier and usually requires a night in hospital. Results are similar in experienced hands.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of TURP versus laser surgery for bph?

Maybe. This is a very long conversation. Turp is the "gold standard" surgery for prostatic enlargement it basically uses a loop with an electric curent to slice the prostate away. Laser surgey does the same but with a laser. Talk to your urologist about their experience with each. Turp usually has more bleeding but tends to be faster. Thanks all depends on who is doing the surgery though. Read more...
Too long. It is not possible in 400 characters to list all the pros & cons of TURP and HoLEP(holium laser enucleation of the prostate).The end result is about the same.What is more important is which one the surgeon is more experienced in.I am sure this is not for you since you are only 31. Read more...