Should I be swaddling my baby?

Yes. I am a huge proponent of swaddling newborns, they love it. Perfecting a snug swaddle, one where your baby cannot shake free, will prove beneficial for both you and your baby. Not only do babies love that snug feeling, like they were inside your womb, but they are less likely to startle themselves awake. Large swaddle blankets work best for a snug burrito wrap. Happy swaddling!
Yes. Swaddeling is fine for a while & babies seldom reject it, yet a gradual lostening of the wrap over time allows baby to begin enjoying the world they entered.Many babies are bothered by the shaky random movements of their limbs early on & wrapping stops that, yet when are they allowed to be free? I'm for allowing baby as much freedom as they can tolerate and still rest.

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When should I stop swaddling my baby?

4 months. It's a good idea to at least loosen the swaddle-- or leave one arm out-- by about 4 months. Read more...
As soon as workable. Swaddling helps babies who are spooked by the shaky random movements of their limbs. Wrapping gives them the comfort of the womb but needs to be loosened over time as baby adapts to the new freedom.By a month, you want to have baby in a onzie, on a firm mattress, in the crib with no blanket, pillow or other material. Excess bedding can entangle baby & lead to suffocation. Read more...