What are food borne illnesses?

Food makes you sick. Food borne illness are diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites transmitted in the food. E.Coli, norvirus and salmonella are well-known examples. Prevention involves using hygiene in the growing, harvesting and preparation of food as well as safe cooking temperatures and storage after cooking.
Food poisoning. This typically refers to infections that can be carried in food, or food poisoning. As we've all seen with recent news stories, these episodes can cause sever illness or death affecting many people over wide geographic areas.

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What precautions for food-borne illness?

Food borne illnesses. Food either at home or in a restaurant should be hygienically prepared and consumed. Food handlers should not touch food with bare hands, use gloves. All vegetables and meat should be thoroughly washed. Especially in restaurants, if employees use rest rooms, they should be instructed to wash their hands thoroughly. If any of the employees have gastroenteritis, they should not work. Read more...