Should I make everyone sanitize their hands before I let them hold the baby?

Yes. As a rule, always have anyone that holds your baby either wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer. If you feel uncomfortable asking people to do so, place a cute card in the bassinet or crib stating , "i am a clean baby, please wash your hands before you pick me up" and have the sanitizer close by!
Yes. Everyone wants to hold your beautiful new baby and i don't blame you for wanting to keep the germs at bay! kindly remind others wanting to hold your precious newborn that the sanitizer is on the counter, or better yet, maybe they should hit the sink and wash up with soap and water.Hopefully, the reward of getting some one on one time with your little one will more than make up for the minor detour.
Yes. It is always a good idea that people who handle your baby wash their hands with soap and water in order to avoid transferring infection.