How painful are herpes simplex blisters?

Variable. Some patients have virtually no pain and others are in such pain it is difficult to sit or empty the bladder. Seek treatment early to reduce pain and speed healing.

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Do you know are herpes simplex blisters really painful?

Possibly. Herpes simplex blisters can range anywhere on the pain spectrum from being a little irritating to being extremely sensitive and painful. Sometimes you may not notice any discomfort or the rash may just itch.

What are topical relief measures for herpes simplex blisters?

Essential oils. Like tea tree or lemon balm oils can speed healing and relief. Homeopathic rhus box can also help. I have had great success with a chinese herbaceutical called schmoove. (ww. Franzcenter. Com is one place to see it) aloe may offer some relief as can topical zovirax (acyclovir) (a prescription form your doc).

Can blistering on the lips be caused by something other than herpes simplex?

Lip blisters. Sunburn, allergy, rare autoimmune conditions, etc., but you need to be examined and provide a full history to be successfully diagnosed. Good luck.
Lip blisters. It can be caused by excess heat such as food or the sun. If it persists I would have it checked by a doctor.

Do blisters in the groin area become symptoms of herpes simplex?

Mnay. First time around you may get systemic symptoms of fever, chills, malaise, an outbreak of numerous blister-like lesions on the genetalia which will rupture and leave very tender and painful ulcers which may last as long as 10-14days. The female genetalia may become swollen and tender to the point that she cannot walk. The man can develop severe swelling which may partially impede free urination.

Is blister the most characteristic symptomof a herpes simplex infection?

Yes. To be specific, a cluster of small, painful blisters (which sometimes look like pustules) on a red base is the most characteristic herpes simplex lesion.

Fever blisters or herpes simplex 2, what to do?

Topical antiviral. You can apply a topical antiviral--acyclovir. However unfortunately recurrence is still common under stressful situations.