How much does an otoplasty typically cost?

Check ASPS website. I honestly don't know what i charge (it's handled by my coordinator), but the website for the american society of plastic surgeons has info on cost data on it's website at www.Plasticsurgery.Org.
Ballpark estimate. Cost estimates include surgeon's fees, anesthesia, facility fee, & implants otoplasty: $4, 000 – $6, 000.
In US $3-5000. For routine otoplasty, this seems to be the range that i found on other plastic surgery websites. There are some superspecialists of ear deformities which are more experienced who charge more for their expertise. Other surgeons, also experienced, but more known for big ticket procedures, may charge less for various reasons, such as helping children, and because insurance unlikely covers it.
Varies. Cost factors include geographic market, type of surgery needed, one or both ears, type of anesthesia and facility. Cartilaze is an effective non-surgical method of ear correction that is currently only available in a few select locations across the usa.
It depends . •antihelical fold: a fold that is just inside the rim of the ear. • conchal cartilage: the largest and deepest concavity of the external ear. •constricted ear: also called a lop or cup ear, has varying degrees of protrusion, reduced ear circumference, folding or ?attening of the upper helical rim, and lowered ear position. •cryptotia: also called hidden ear, occurs when the upper rim of the ear.