How long after stopping birth control pills will woman start ovulating again?

Quickly. Not only is ovulation frequently not significantly delayed after discontinuing the pill, occasionally ovulation can occur between ending one pack and starting the next pack if one is several days late starting the new pack and is taking a 21 day pill. With 7 days between the standard regimen pills and missing let's say 3 additionally pills before starting next pack, the risk is not insignificant.

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I stop my birth control pills and started taking prenatals. How long do you think before a pregnancy? I even been doing the ovulation test and have yet to ovulate

Max 6 months. After stopping the pill, menses resume anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. It varies for everyone. You cannot make it start sooner. The chance of pregnancy with all else being normal is only 20% per month. So once ovulation restarts you are just as likely to be pregnant in the first month as in the 5th month.
Depends. WE can not predict how long an individual will take to get pregnant. Birth control pills are out of your system in about 7 days and then you are back to your baseline fertility ---whatever that is for you. 90% of couples are pregnant within 12 months.