How do you treat an ingrown big toe nail?

Removal. Surgical removal is relatively easy in office procedure. See a podiatrist.
See a podiatrist. If there is mild discomfort and no redness ot drainage, round the corner of the nail slightly. Anything more than that and its just wiser to have a doctor take care of it. The nail border may be trimmed back, or in repetitive cases, a surgical procedure can be done in the office to make the nail more narrow and prevent recurrences.
Avoid tight shoes. Ingrown toenails are often caused by tight shoes. But they also can occur due to the genetic makeup of the individuals nail growth. Ingrown toenails that are mild can be relieved with soaking and / or an antibiotic. But for moderate to severe or chronic ingrown toenails you should see your podiatrist to have them permanently removed. Only the ingrown portion is removed leaving the rest of the nail.
See a professional. Leaving an ingrown nail untreated could lead to the development of an abscess and possible underlying bone infection. Get it taken care of by a professional to avoid preventable complications.

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My big toe nail looks fine - no swelling, not ingrown not thickening but when I touch the nail -very painful. Bed sheet touching it - painful. Help!

Big toe pain. Start by going to the doctor and requesting a uric acid level. Try to stay away from fast foods, processed foods, especially red meats. If you are having an early onset gout you can get this pain in your big toe. If negative test then look into the types of shoes you are wearing because they can lead to bunions which would make your big toe area painful and tender. Read more...

I have an ingrown toe nail starting on my right big toe how can I fix it without going to hospital?

It depends .. If it's just inflammation around an ingrown nail, you may be able to get away with warm soaks for around 10 minutes 3-4 times per day. But if you have discharge coming from around the nail or progressive swelling possibly suggestive of a developing abscess(collection of white blood cells) then you may require drainage. If you are having red streaking up the toe/foot or fevers, seek urgent care. Read more...
Home remedy. Try this: For several days in a row, soak your foot for 15 minutes in very warm water, then use the tip of a nail file to gently lift up the ingrown part of the nail. You might notice a spiky part of the nail that's dug into the edge of the toe. That's the culprit. Don't cut the nail! That could make the situation worse. The big toe nails should be cut straight across to prevent the problem. Read more...