How do I rid my mouth of small mouth ulcers?

Laser. Your dentist can use laser to treat these ulcers they will heal quicker and give you instant pain relief.
Determine Cause. Mouth ulcers can be caused by many different things. Sometimes it is not as simple as canker sores. I would suggest you see a dermatologist who specializes in oral diseases to have a complete workup. Oral ulcers can be caused by things like lichen planus, pemphigus vulgaris, herpes stomatitis and many others.

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The top back of my mouth/throat is red and it hurts quite a bit when I swallow. I had small mouth ulcers in the past but never this bad. Any ideas?

Many. There are many reasons. For a sore throat including trauma, infection, adverse reactions, etc. Please call your General Physician for an examination.
Canker Sore. Is the most common oral lesions. Individual ulcers typically last 1-2 weeks. The condition is usually self-limiting. Try to keep adequate oral hygiene as possible and Tylenol (acetaminophen) OTC. If concerned, see your dentist.

I'm worried I have hiv. Right now I have 2 small mouth ulcers and small red bumps on my back and chest that dont itch. Also I have a headache. Its been 2 weeks since I had unprotected oral sex. I am a paranoid person so how worried should I be?

Not at all. You should not worry before you have a test to determine if you have HIV or another sexually transmitted disease. Simply make an appointment with your doctor, discuss your sexual activity and ask for testing for STDs as well as for advice regarding safe sex. Do not be shy about doing this, we are all prepared to have these discussions and to address these concerns. You are part of a generation that seems to have a higher rate of anxiety about many things, health especially. It is not clear why this generation has such a high rate of anxiety or, as you call it, paranoia, but rest assured you are not alone.
HIV symptoms. No night sweats? No fever? If you have concerns get tested. Although its may be too early to show up. The protocol for exposure is 2 blood tests 6 mos apart.
Mouth ulcers. To clear your mind, see your Physician or Urgent Care for an examination and an HIV screening test. Usually 2 are required for certainty. As to your mouth ulcers, should disappear inn10-14 days. If not, see your Dentist and be sure to provide a complete medical history. And don't play Russian Roulette, don't have unprotected sex.
Find Out. Your doctor or local hospital can quickly tell you if you have aids so you can stop worrying if you don't or begin treatment if you do.

Swollen neck lymph nodes for 5 months and small mouth ulcers (4 times in a year). Red larynx. CMV and EBV IgG positive and IgM negative. What do I have?

Difficult to know. Swollen lymph nodes for months is an indication of either chronic inflammatory process or chronic or recurrent infection. In the context of mouth ulcers, which could indicate an autoimmune phenomenon, neutrophil deficiency or recurrent likely viral infection; this is an issue deserving of serious work up and follow through (but can't be diagnosed based on this information alone). Biopsied?

Mouth ulcers how to prevent and treat them?

Aphthous ulcer. Aphthous (canker) ulcers may be caused by eating citrus fruits (e.g., oranges and lemons), physical trauma, stress, lack of sleep, food allergies, immune system reactions, and vitamin deficiencies b12/folate, and iron. Treat with salt water rinse or over-the-counter mouthwashes, and non-prescription local anesthetics. Prescription oral-liquid steroids may help. These ulcers are very common.
Annoying ulcers. Aphthous ulcers (mouth ulcers or canker sores) are incredibly common. We don't have a great idea what causes them but there are certain triggers like citrus, stress, alcohol - if you find your trigger, that's great! Avoid it! Doctors can give an antibiotic mouthwash like tetracycline which has shown some benefit in reducing symptoms. Lidocaine paste for the mouth can also help.

Which methods are used to cure and prevent mouth ulcers?

Why ulcers there. Depends on where it exactly is and what it looks like. Mouth ulcers can be a matter of simple using an rx Peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) soak, or it can be more serious even up to a cancer. This needs to be evaluated by a dentist for what it is and what is the best to do.