How do I get rid of raised chickenpox scars?

Raised scars. The scars need to be evaluated to determine the best treatment options. If there is any evidence of a keloid or hypertrophy, you may consider injecting the scar with a medication (e.g., steroid). Laser treatments may also help such as resurfacing lasers.
Options. There are many options for improving scars such as topical prescription creams, chemical peels, microneedling, lasers and others. What is appropriate for you will depend on things such as your skin type and hold mature the scars are. You should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to see what options are best for you.
Many options. If early after your braskout, i would give it some time to resolve. If these are old, you may respond to a variety of resurfacing techniques ranging in degree of aggressiveness from steroid injection on up to surgery. Non-surgical methods such as laser may also provide another option.

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What's the best way to get rid of chickenpox scars?

You can't. Unfortunately you can't "get rid" of scars. They can be made to be less noticeable but this depends on the scars appearance. Often what makes chicken pox scars more noticeable is that they are depressed or indented. Sometimes fillers can help them, cutting the scar out and closing it in a line that hides in the natural wrinkles can work very well. There are lasers that may also be helpful. Read more...

Can there be anyway to get rid of chickenpox scars?

Reduce them YES. Crater like scarring from chickenpox are able to be filled from underneath, mechanically planed (dermabraded) to reduce crater edges, or excised and sutured. Each choice is patient, location and size dependent in most cases. All scarring is permanent, the goals of these procedures is to minimize the visual appearance or noticeability. Often very successful. Read more...

I had a severe acne which left scars on my face. Also I had chickenpox 2 years back which worsen the situation of my face. How to get rid of these?

Time helps, but. there is no magic Rx for scars. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser, use acne free moisturizer if skin is dry, and avoid further damage to your skin and darkening of scars with regular use of topical sunscreens. If you have active acne, Accutane is very effective. Sometimes steroid injections or dermabrasion may be helpful, and these would be done by a Dermatologist. Read more...