Where is salmonella enteritidis most likely found?

Eggs, poultry. Germ is found mostly in eggs (even normal looking, uncracked), also poultry; less common in raw milk, beef, pork, sprouts, raw almonds. Reptilian pets and turtles carry (wash your hands after handling). International travel a risk. In infected humans, found in the small bowel. Can cause a severe diarrheal illness.
Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacteria that resides on garden products, in eggs, in picnic food left at warm temperatures too long, and in contaminated creeks and rivers and lakes. It produces dysentery and typhoid. Where food is not washed, where picnic foods are out too long, where sanitation is poor, is where Salmonella will cause outbreaks.

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My spleen was removed, am I more likely to get sepsis if I catch salmonella enteritidis?

Yes. But avoid eating uncooked meats and fish, and wash your veggies, and your chances of getting this are very small. Read more...
Possibly. The spleen is an important immune organ and helps clear bacteria from the blood stream. Certain types of bacteria such as strep pneumoniae and meningococcus have a much greater chance of causing serious infection in those without a spleen. Salmonella less so, but still an increased risk over those with a spleen. Read more...