How can I prevent blisters on my feet when I play basketball?

Blister prevention. Sometimes it is difficult to prevent in sports like basketball wear sport specific athletic shoes wear silicone laden protective socks... Skin protectants can help or blister bandaids in areas of concern prior to formation of blisters. Antiperspirants are paramount for moisture management.
Inserts. Spenco insoles reduce friction. Custom orthotics can balance feet and accommodate for bone deformities. Keeping feet dry can help. Also try two pairs of socks.

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For many years, anytime I play basketball my feet get very hot and I chaffe and rip the skin on the bottom of my feet. How to prevent?

Reduce friction... Take the insoles out of your basketball shoes and replace them with spenco polysorb cross-trainer insoles. "http://www.Spenco.Com/products/footcare/poly-sorb/cross-trainer" replace the socks you currently wear for basketball with specialized thor-lo socks. "http://www.Thorlo.Com/basketball-socks.Php" this should help tremendously! Read more...
Reduce Pressure. Use powder in socks. Try spenco insoles. Read more...