Can I remedy my high-salt intake in ways other than eating less salt?

High salt. Yes you can vomit, sweat, spit or get diarrhea. Most common remedy is to die from heart problems caused by a high salt diet. But the choice is yours. I recommend the DASH eating plan. This high K diet helps block Na. ISBN: 0-7434-1007-6 Kindle Book-13: 978-1-43914-059-8 also read Klemmer P, Grim CE, Luft FC. Who and what drove Walter Kempner? The rice diet revisited. Hypertension. 2014 64:684.
Diet Diary. Eat less sodium! Keep a diet diary for about two weeks....Everything you eat, drink, chew or smoke! Everything that you put in your mouth, keep a record. Review that record with a licensed and board certified dietitian for guidance and reccs. Join a health spa or gym where others with similar goals frequent....Immerse yourself in good health and good habits! Good luck and god bless!