Can I find relief from perimenopausal symptoms with apple cider vinegar or black molasses?

Hard to say. In most women, conventional hormone replacement therapy (hrt) doesn't improve mood, mental ability, sexual function or the symptoms of menopause. But there are effective alternatives. Look into the work of ann gittlemen, christiane northrup, md, susan lark, md, and tori hudson, nd. Molasses contains nutrients that are helpful, and anecdotally, some say it helps (or not). Same with vinegar.

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Is there any proof that Apple cider vinegar is an effective pain relief for galbladder attacks or stones?

Why would you think so. Apple cider vinegar when consumed in large amounts may lower potassium levels, promote osteoporosis, raise renin levels, alter insulin levels, & even burn your esophagus. Apple cider vinegar tablets are not well regulated, may vary dramatically in terms of vinegar content from brand to brand, & lack evidence of efficacy. If you have a gallbladder problem, see your doctor for appropriate treatment. Read more...