Can anxiety cause fatigue and head tightness?

Yes it can! Anxiety can cause a wide variety of uncomfortable physical sensations. It is not uncommon for people with problematic anxiety to experience fatigue and muscle tension. When people have excessive anxiety and worry they may develop tightness in the muscles of the head and neck. Meditation and exercise/movement are some home treatments.

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Have head tightness/pressure. Sometimes feels better w/ different position. Had cold symptoms st last week. Bothering me. Serious? Cold/sinus? Anxiety?

Head tightness. This does not sound serious, so try to relax more and do meditation. You probably have congestion of sinus cavity due to the cold virus. Usually sinus discomfort is worse when bending over. May need treatment if not improved in a week or so.

Diagnosed peripheral neuropathy unknown cause. Tingling fatigue frequent urination sob blurred vision but eyes fine chest tight light head. Anxiety or ms?

Anxiety, most likely. MS is easy to rule out by history, exam and MRI. Anxiety is state of tension, apprehension, worry, uneasiness or fear. It may be related to anticipated danger or arise for no apparent reason. While mild episodes of anxiety are common and do not usually require treatment, more severe forms can be chronic and debilitating. Some times no treatment is the best treatment. See your PCP for evaluation.

My GI said I have GERD does it cause head tightness too because he said it does? And can it effect a nerve in the back of my head?

Not. I do t know of gerd causing head tightness or affecting nerves in the back of you head. Please get a evans opinion. Www. Drlugo. Com.

Can 1 dosage of oxyelite pro cause hertius hernia and cause head tightness nostril alternative too because I took 1 dosage now I'm sick for 5 months?

Not the hernia. Hiatal hernias are caused by the opening in the diaphragm for the esophagus stretching out, and the stomach goes up in the chest. Usually these are small, and not symptomatic or dangerous. Sometime however they can be large, and cause problems with swallowing, chest pain, and bleeding ulcers. This typically occurs over the age of 60.

Can a GI issue cause me to feel head tightness in the side of head and nostril clogged alternative cause my ENT say everything ok go to gi?

Not likely. Overuse of nasal spray is the most likely cause of the nostril being clogged and of head tightness. Some of the other symptoms may be due to GI problems, but not the head.

Can a GI issue cause me to feel head tightness and. One nostril clogged alternative because my ENT said nothing is wrong see a GI doc?

No connection. No connection between GI and head tightness. Nostril congestion which alternates is considered normal. It is referred to as "the nasal cycle". Studies show that every 3 hours there is a change in the blood flow which causes the change in congestion.