Is food poisoning contagious?

No. By definition a contagious illness is one where a type of infection you are experiencing or carrying is transmitted to another. Getting food poisoning requires that food was ingested and was the cause of the illness. Not something transmitted from one to another.
Yes. Food poisoning is very common, moreso in the developing world. The organisms responsible are passed from person to person because of inadequate hand washing.

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How can I differentiate between food poisoning and contagious disease?

Similar. Food poisoning is due to infection found in the food eaten. It is usually bacteria and the response is fairly soon after ingesting the food. Contagious gastrointestinal disorders are usually viral and usually occur 1-2 days after the exposure. Food poisoning is more commonly nausea and vomitting, viral infections are more diarrhea. But you can experience both with either. Read more...