I have a demyelinating brain disease confirmed by mri. What precautions or life changes should I take?

Minimize stresses. So sorry to hear that as such conditions can be very difficult and scary, as well as devastating. However, some can also not progress, or even stabilize.Avoid as many stresses in your life as you can.This includes tobacco, alcohol and drugs, as well as social stress. Avoid dehydration. Get plenty of restful sleep, stay fit.Stay hopeful.Enjoy your life, personal and professional as + attitude helps.

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What to do if I have chronic demyelinating brain disease confirmed by MRI what precautions should I take?

Several. Multiple sclerosis can impair neurological functions; depending on what lesions you have or may acquire, it could affect your vision and your motor skills so that driving, for example, could be dangerous. You should talk this over with your neurologist to establish what you should or should not do. Also, the medications you may be prescribed may have some risks, especially infection. Read more...