What is the best medication or best treatment we can get for bipolar affective disorder?

Everyone is unique. Mood stabilizers (lithium, tegretol, depakote, lamictal) are used primarily--antipsychotics are frequent adjunctive medicines as are antidepressants & minor tranquilizers--most bipolar pts require a combination of drugs to stabilize their mood swings.
See below. The most optimal treatment for bipolar involves combination of medication (mood stabilizer and antidepressants) as well as psychotherapy. Medication will help you with controlling your moods, while psychotherapy will help with coping with disease, symptom awareness, building up routine, self-care, relaxation and working on figuring out how to handle stress in genera land triggers for your sx.
Comprehensive Tx. The best treatment for bipolar disorder is one that includes a combination of both medication and therapy. Therapy addresses education about the disorder and coping skills to address some of the symptoms and interpersonal problems that arise from the disorder and medication to address the chemical changes that are associated with it. The.
Bipolar. Agree. Also best medications are ones with fewest side-effects, which would encourage compliance.

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What is the best natural treatment for bipolar affective disorder?

Meds. Bipolar disorder is a complex disease best managed with a close relationship with a dr. Comfortable with treating this illness. I do not know of any "natural" treatments that are effective in the treatment of this disorder. That said, how about treatment with a natural substance like a"salt", like lithium, which I use most often in treating bipolar disorder, along with other meds?

What is the best treatment for the depression in someone with bipolar affective disorder?

See below. Antidepressants will help with managing depression, while mood stabilizers will help with managing manic sx. Also, psychotherapy will help with comping with sx and building up awareness of your sx. Creating a "crisis card" for people to contact and things to do when your symptoms become overwhelming. Qualified mental health professional will help guiding you through the process.
Mood stabilizer. Most mood stabilizers used in the treatment of bipolar disorder treat both the depression and mania. An adjustment in the dose of the medication and some psychosocial intervention may be all that is needed during a depressive phase. Anti depressants alone are not recommended. Talk to your doctor if your symptoms continue or worsen.
Eval. Get a full psychiatric evaluation for bipolar disorder. If bipolar disorder is found, then medications, typically mood stabilizers will be prescribed. Therapy is also strongly indicated. If The evaluation is negative for bipolar disorder, medication still may be needed. In that case therapy is also strongly indicated.

What is the best treatment for bipolar disorder?

Not one best RX. There isn't one best Rx. The diagnosis has to be established. There several meds that are used for patients with bipolar disorder especially when they are symptomatic. Mood stabilizers are the most common & there are several. However, sometimes antidepressants antipsychotic or antianxiety meds are used & combinations are common. Psychotherapy with or without meds are also helpful.
General question. This is a very general question, there are several types of bipolar disorder & treatment must be individualized. Generally, mood stabilizing medication is used to prevent severe mood episodes including manic episodes as in Bipolar I Disorder. However, psychotherapy to ensure success in medication treatment and life goals is important as well. Non compliance can be disastrous.

Which treatment works the best and fastest for bipolar disorder?

Lithium. Lithium is still the best treatment for bipolar disorder. Unfortunately it has many side effects. Valproic acid (depakote) has been more commonly used over the past 20 years, because it has fewer side effects. More recently, Lamotrigine (lamictal) has proven very effective, but is not usually first-line due to a rare but potentially serious rash.
Mood stabilizers. Mood stabilizers and atypical antipsychotics both used for treatment of bipolar disorder. The choice depends on what phase of the illness you are in, side effect profile and many other variables. You should talk to a sychoatrist about specific drugs.

What is the best way to find an expert psycho-pharmacologist to treat treatment resistance depression in bipolar disorder?

Try Psychology Today. If you are looking for a psycho-pharmacologist, take a look at psychology today's website. There are profiles of psychiatrist & psychologists from around the country including a description of their specialties. Many have their profiles certified by the website.
Psychopharmacologist. Psychiatrists are the physician experts in psychopharmacology. Board certification in psychiatry includes this, and no additional certification is needed. You could try psychology today listings, but also contact your local psychiatric association: http://www. Psychiatry. Org/network there's also a database of self-identified psychopharmacologists at: http://tinyurl. Com/omqmhr6.