What are the side effects of anxiety and bipolarism medications?

Med Side Effects. There a re a lot of medications. The side effects vary from common to severe and some rare side effects. Sedation is one of the most common with certain meds. The new gen meds a re a lot better if prescribed carefully and monitored by a psychiatrist an help regulate moods and anxiety so you have the least of the bothering symptoms. Will encorage to discuss with a psychiatrist.
Bipolar medications. Depending on the medication, most cause stomach upset, sedation, headaches & dizziness.

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How can I keep my manic episodes (bipolar i) or anxiety attacks under control without medication if they come back? I hate meds and the side effects.

Lifestyle. Best is healthy lifestyle no caffeine no alcohol no illicit drugs exercise if you still have full manic syndrome you are going to need medication may be psych admission if manic watch on change of weathe and stressor balanced diet regular sleep plenty of fluids without caffeine and sugar.
Challenging. Unfortunately risk of recurrence for bipolar disorder is high without continued treatment. Other considerations include healthy diet, good sleep habits, exercise, avoidance of alcohol and substance use and certain neutraceuticals such as omega 3 fatty acids. Be mindful that course of illness for bipolar disorder tends to worsen with recurrent episodes.