How do humans catch campylobacter food poisoning?

Improper preparation. Generally transmitted through fecal-oral route (inadequate hand washing), sexual contact, drinking unpasteurized raw milk, exposure to raw poultry or through contaminated water. Also can be contracted through sick pets.

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I have food poisoning (campylobacter) but I have been experiencing symptoms for 17 days. Recently my stool has been green in color should I be worried?

Yes, but: The color of your stool is only important if it is cream-white, tarry black, currant-jelly color, or bloody. Worry because > 2 weeks is too long. If you have high fever, blood in the stool, > 8 stools per day, or not improving (17 days sounds like too long), you might consider getting antibiotics (erythromycin) and seeing a gastroenterologist to make sure there is nothing else going on. Read more...