What are the changes in the brain from aspergers' syndrome?

A variety. Research relating impairment to structure has found a variety of abnormalities that correlate with each other in severity. Structures, areas & networks of temporal lobes involved in recognizing faces, processing sensory & emotional input, & rapid learning of new info have small, densely -packed neurons with short or disrupted connections the ? Is cause vs. Effect of experience & behavior, or both.
No anatomical change. Like many other conditions that psychiatrists treat, asperger's is a clinical diagnosis. The changes in the brain in asperger's syndrome are not apparent when viewing a ct scan or mri. It may be possible to discern differences in the brain of a patient with asperger's using functional imaging studies (spect or fmri), but these say little more than what we appreciate clinically in these patients.
Unknown. No specific brain changes (structural or functional) have been identified with either autism or asperger's syndrome. This may reflect continued limitations of the tools we have or might be at least in part because there are multiple causes, not just one.

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Can you please tell me effects on the brain from aspergers' syndrome?

Asbergers disorder. It is not the effects on the brain of aspergers, it is the brain wiring and chemical balances that cause aspergers. Aspergers is an anxxiety disorder characterized by people who have difficulty reading the emotions of others, they want friends but lack the social skills to maintain friendships. They often do not understand social concepts and how other feel. Read more...

Do I have aspergers syndrome if high energy and monkey mind?

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Aspergers. Not exactly sure what your question means but if you want to understand a little bit about asperger's you can start by watching this short video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg1ngp1ngds. Read more...