Currently diagnosed with aspergers syndrome. What can I do to minimize it so people don't get mad at me?

Work with therapist. If the diagnosis is accurate, you have some degree of difficulty understanding that other people may have a different point of view or a different emotional reaction than yours to a given event. Self-education & insight are important. Social skills group therapy is key; you'll learn to shorten your answers, give others a turn to speak, & practice what to say in some situations. O.A.S.I.S. Website.
Get knowledge . All the brilliant people in the history and amazing pts of mine who hold very high position are teaching us that learning about their brain sensory sensitivity and social behaviors makes all the difference scientist from across the boundaries are jumping in to study and teach this population . Just met the best at stanford at onemind. Research.Org who changed his field after his son, diagnosis.
Practice. It will be important for you to work on areas of weakness and difficulty. This is best done with a therapist who has experience and comfort in working with people who have aserpger's. Also, trusted and supportive people in your life can help you practice and rehearse new ways of doing things.