Is dizziness normal during a severe asthma attack?

Possible, yes.. Normal, no. Dizziness in that setting typically indicates either poor cardiac output from increased intrathoracic pressure or a low oxygen level. Both are exceedingly dangerous. Dizziness in the setting of an asthma attack is a worrisome sign and needs immediate evaluation.
Maybe. During a severe asthma attack many people will feel light headed, especially if they are hyperventilating. If your oxygen levels drop during the attack dizziness is also common.

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Athsma - Having troubles with asthma during the nights get tight chest, coughing, heart racing and feel dizzy. Is this some sort of asthma attack?

Yes;see an allergist. Hi...I am not sure if you have already been diagnosed with asthma? But yes the symptoms are probably of asthma...there are many causes. Allergy, cold air, pollution etc.....sounds like you need a controller medicine as well as one for quick relief...see an allergy speicalist...or at least your family Dr until you can see the specialist read more here: http://acaai. Org/asthma/symptoms Good luck.