Having abdominal surgery monday and I am nervous! How safe is anesthesia now?

Very safe. Anesthesia is among the safest specialties in medicine today. However, it is important for you to get to know your anesthesia doctor, so you can discuss the risks, benefits and options of the anesthetic procedure. A preoperative visit with your anesthesia doctor is the best way to reduce anxiety about surgery and anesthesia.
Just like Sunday. Your anesthesiologist is quite skilled in anesthetizing anxious people. That's their business. Assuming you have not had an otherwise drastic health change in one day, you'll probably due as well as if you weren't nervous at all!
You will be fine. The anesthesia with today's technology is very safe, effective and efficient. You will be fine. Good luck with the surgery.
It is very safe. The risk of general anesthesia (ga) is less than that of driving to the hospital to have the operation. Ga is thought to have a risk of death of one in 350, 000 cases or more. Advances in monitoring, medical training, drugs and support have greatly decreased the risk. The main concerns after ga are usually nausea and vomiting post op. The effects of anesthesia wear off within 24 hours.