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Is it common for hospitals to give epidurals or general anesthesia for knee surgery?

Knee surgery. The decision is not up to the hospital - they have no roles in this. It is purely up to the anesthesiologist and and the surgeons preference. Discuss with the anesthesiologist first.
Depends. This decision is to be made between you, your surgeon and your anesthesiologist. The risks and benefits of your anesthetic plan will be discussed. Epidurals and general anesthesia are relatively common practice in the setting of total knee replacements. Femoral nerve blocks and catheters are also another option.
Both are common. It would depend on the needs and expectations of the patient as well as the preference of the anesthesiologist and surgeon.
Yes. The regional anesthetic has a protective effect on the formation of blood clots after surgery. There is also the ability to immediately exercise the knee though a range of motion while still getting pain medication. This allows an improved outcome after surgery.

A friend of mine passed suddenly from a p.E. After simple knee surgery in hospital there was no warning signs. Could this have been prevented?

Not absolutely but.. .Steps can be taken in the post op patient to reduce the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis which can lead to pulmonary embolus. Dvt can form during periods of inactivity, even during airplane travel. Unfortunately, this tragic event can occur with any procedure, and I'm sorry for you and your friend. Good luck.

I have avn in both my knees my left knee is the worse of the two will my boyfriend be able to stay with me in the hospital after my open knee surgery?

Talk to the hospital. Each hospital has different policies. Call the hospital and let them know about your plan. They may have rooms with an additional bed for a friend/family member.

I cannot you have knee surgery with just epidural anesthesia?

You can. Most hospitals or surgery centers do not do 'regional anesthesia' as it take too long to resolve. Schedule at a hospital. Ask to be the first case of the day. Request a spinal anesthesia; it is easier and more appropriate for this surgery.

Is it possible to have knee surgery with just epidural anesthesia?

Yes. Done quite com- Monly. Talk to your surgeon and the anesthetist about you wanting it. Good luck and happy holidays.

Why do you have to stay in the hospital after aci knee surgery?

You don't always... Many acl repairs can be done as outpatient procedure. However, each procedure and surgeon has their own parameters. Ask your surgeon about the possibility of outpatient repair. Good luck.

Could you give me tips for preparing for reconstructive knee surgery?

Physical Therapy. If you are planning to have any type of reconstructive knee surgery, ask your surgeon to refer you to physical therapy ahead of surgery. A therapist can is a tremendous resource for you.

I am taking eliquis that gives me a dry cough. I am getting Orthoscopic knee surgery this Tuesday! Is it going to be safe? No eliquis for 2 days!

It is unlikely that. The Eliquis is giving you a cough but not impossible. Although recommendations for this surgery would only require 24 hours off Eliquis it is entirely up to your doctor. Anytime you are off an anticoagulant that you need you will be at risk for blood clotting but you have to accept this risk in order to be able to reduce the risk of bleeding associated with most procedures. Risk/benefit ratio.