Which is better, laughing gas or anesthesia when have your wisdom teeth out?

Ask the Surgeon. The person peforming the procedure is always a good person to ask and have everything explained to you. Laughing gas btw is not a substiture for anesthesia. At minimum you will still get local anesthesia. I, myslef when having the procedure had both local anesthesia and "laughing gas" and procedure was smooth with no pain.
IV sedation . Nitrous oxide is a relative analgesia and may be ok for simple third molar surgery. When the wisdom teeth are impacted, i always recommend the IV sedation, which allows a patient to sleep through the procedure with little memory of the process.
Depends. If you prefer to be unaware of the procedure and have minimal if any recall, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia would be recommended. Your dentist or surgeon can provide you with more information to help you decide based on the position of the wisdom teeth.
See below. Laughing gas is a form of anesthesia that is commonly used in dentists offices. Wisdom teeth can be taken out with local anesthesia and some sedation. Rarely is full general anesthesia needed.
Versed. I had mine out 25 years ago with concious sedation. Smooth induction, no nresidual effect, and peri-procedural retrograde amnesia.