Where can I find instructional videos about heart surgery?

Dr. Arie Blitz. Dr. Arie blitz is prof. At case western reserve university and has about 100 cardiac surgery educational videos. You can you tube him. Also go to www.Ctsnet.Org and click on videos drop menu. These are cardiac surgery videos for cardiac surgeons, its the real thing so if you have any issues on factual anatomy and surgical procedures don't watch.You must know intracardiac, extracardiac anatomy.
Instructional? I advise against do it yourself heart surgery. There are videos, but see if you can find an old pbs copy of a live heart surgery done at the arizona heart institute by dr. Ted dietrich. It was a walk through of a coronary bypass procedure as it was happening. Not sure where it would be archived, but i'm almost sur it's out there. Good luck.