What can I do to improve poor blood circulation?

Know the cause. Unless you know the cause of your poor circulation, it will be hard to treat what you don't know the cause is. If you were to provide more of history, then we may help you better.

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How can I improve poor blood circulation?

Having cold hands? Keeping warm, active, don't smoke, and of course a healthy, balanced diet/exercise will help you maintain good health. Since u are 36 and possibley having cold hands/feet? I suspect you may have a vasospastic condition called raynaud's phenomenon. When exposed to cold, this can cause significant symptoms--color changes, pain etc..Keep warm, wear gloves. Consult doc for eval/treatment. Good luck. Read more...

Do any of these natural remedies improve poor blood circulation? L-Arginine, Vitamin K2, Gotu Kola, butchers broom, parsley, cayenne pepper, ginger root, etc. I have Raynaud's Syndrome.

Raynaud's Syndrome. Please do what your doc says but consider a natural approach. Neo 40 is a beet root product to help circulation and has some research suggesting usefulness in Raynaud's. The pain may also be from neuropathy and sublingual vitamin B12 can be used to help w/that. See your doc or a nutritionist. Peace and good health. Beet root better than l-arginine. Read more...